[Advaita-l] Vaadiraaja Teertha's Yuktimallika - Akhandarthavaada Criticism - Slokas 1-972 to 1-980

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> > You said in February 2016 -
> > “ganga” in “gangayAm gOShaH”. Similarly, unless object of our knowledge
> > brahman, in Advaitic assertion “brahman is avAchya” etc, cannot be known
> at
> > all if all words denote in secondary meaning only.
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> > Yes you are correct. Brahman cannot be known at all like some object like
> > Ganga Tira.
> Shruti would not have said nArAyaNaM maha jnEyaM if it supports your
> position. You can reconcile this if you think Narayana is other than
> Brahman, but that would make you go against Shanakara!

The Narayana of the sukta is not any मूर्तिविशेषः says Sayana. He has also
stated there that this term has an etymology and is the adhishtanam for the
kalpita prapancha. Hence, it is Nirguna Brahman that is signified by this

For Shankara the Vishnu, Narayana, etc. of non-advaitns is something
created, inferior, being saguna: In the BSB he has said सगुणं कार्यमपरम् ।
And that which is created is perishable. And that which is inferior and
saguna is well within the realm of unreality.  Hence alone while commenting
on the Kenopanishad तदेव ब्रह्म त्वं विद्धि, नेदं यदिदमुपासते Shankara has
said that the Upanishad teaches that anything that is meditated upon as
'this deity is different from me', is anātmā, abrahma. And the Upanishad
does not want the aspirant to know such an abrahma or anatma as brahman: na
idam brahma yat 'idam' upāsate. Thus, he has said there that Vishnu, etc.
if known as different from oneself, is abrahma and anātmā. The  'Narayana'
beyond 'avyakta' is nirguna Brahman, the Turiya of the Mandukya, beyond the
third pāda, where alone deities named Vishnu, etc. belong.  For Shankara,
Vishnu is 'vyapanashīla' that does not afford vastu pariccheda and
therefore is not the formed deity.


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