[Advaita-l] An interesting observation by a Vishishtādvaitin

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Tue Jul 11 10:50:55 EDT 2017

 If someone dies and nobody else is (no children, for example) coming
forward to do the initial cremation, any one can volunteer and do that out
of humanitarian consideration. It is colloquially known as "Govinda koLLi"
and does not involve any duty to even perform the 13 day rituals.

In fact among smarthas of Karnataka the obsequies culminate in the
'vaikuntha samaradhane.' No special puja to Vishnu, yet it has come to be
called so.


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> When a dead person is being prepared for funeral also, the nArAyaNa name
> alone, among all names of Vishnu, is chanted. I have seen the purohita (a
> smArtha) objecting when some people tried to chant other names of Vishnu.
> In North India however, I think they chant the name of Rama.
> Regards
> Kalyan
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