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> Namaste
> In 2-2-42 Sutra Bhashya Adi Sankara has agreed Narayana is the Supreme.
> Gaudapada also worshipped Narayana in Badari forest. Mahabharata begins
> with Narayanam Namaskrutya Naram Caiva Narottamam. Therefore  Narayana of
> the Narayana Sukta is the Para Brahman because He is approved by our
> Acharyas, the Smruti-Itihasa-Puranas and Sruti.
> Vaishnavas may say only Vishnu is Narayana but Saivas will argue like this.
> Narayana word has to be examined. What is Narayana?
> There are two ways.
> नारायणपदेन नराणां समूहः अयनं यस्येति विग्रहम्
> The Place of Refuge of Men or Naraaha is Narayana.

Sāyaṇa has given a famous etymological verse from a purana:

"*आपो नारा इति प्रोक्ताः* आपो वै नरसूनवः । अयनं तस्य ताः प्रोक्तास्तेन
नारायणः स्मृतः" and says that he who rests in the pancha bhuta-s. Or, he is
beyond prakrti and from Him the world has emerged.

He also says 'नारायणः पर एवात्मा, न तु अपरो मूर्तिविशेषः ।’ ’Narayana is
the Supreme Atman and not the apara= inferior formed one.

In the Advaitasiddhi commentary, Brahmananda says: in the Mahopanishat
passage 'एको नारायणः..’, the 'Nārāyaṇa' there is 'chinmātra in association
with māyā.'  Pure Consciousness with maya upadhi.



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