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Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 12 01:53:00 EDT 2017


In this post I am going to share a somewhat controversial
viewpoint on the all important topic of "brahma". Please read
it with an open mind.

- In the vedic literature, "akSara" is a technical term and refers to
  a very high level tattva. Examples, Gita 8.11 : "that which is referred
  to as "akSara" by those who know the veda-s, Br. Ar. Up 3.8.8 : dialogue
  between yAjnavalkya and gArgi.
- It this THIS "akSara" tattva that Gita 8.3 equates to brahma.
- The collective consciousness that operates at the level of this
  "akSara" tattva is known as "akSara puruSa".
- In the what can be easily termed as the most mysterious section of
  Gita (15.16, 15.17, 15.18), "uttama puruSa" has been placed above
  "akSara puruSa". In other words, the brahma tattva is SUBORDINATE
  to "puruSottama" / "uttama puruSa".
- Now coming to another debatable shloka of Gita - 13.12.
  Reading-1 : "anAdi matparam brahma, na sat tat na asat ucyate"
  Reading-2 : "anAdi-mat param-brahma, na sat tat na asat ucyate"
  Reading-1 means : That brahma which is anAdi (beginning-less) is
  subordinate to Me, and is neither good/ auspicious (sat) nor 
  bad/ evil (asat). Reading-2 avoids the "subordinate to ME" interpretation.
  (I am convinced that in Gita, "sat" and "asat" are to be interpreted
  as good and bad respectively - see Gita 17.26-28).
- From above considerations both readings of Gita 13.12 are valid if we 
  treat the reference point "ME" in this shloka as "puruSottama" / 

  "uttama puruSa". 
- So according to Gita, "brahma" is NOT the ULTIMATE TRUTH. This place is 
  reserved for "puruSottama" / "uttama puruSa". 

Hari Om.

I have shared my understanding here. I do not wish to/ have time to enter 
into a debate on this topic, however other list members are free to do so. 

Shrinivas Gadkari

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