[Advaita-l] discussion about the relative positions of Shiva and Vishnu in advaita forum

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Wed Jul 12 04:29:42 EDT 2017

discussion about the relative positions of Shiva and Vishnu?

Hare Krishna

Yes when the relative positions of shiva and vishNu in Advaita  is quite conspicuous, the effort to score a point or two over one deity against another is mere futile exercise in Advaita parlance.  Since  the absolute position of Advaita is shiva, vishNu etc. are ONLY illusory forms (avidyA kalpita)  of brahman.  I am always amused whenever there is a tit for tat like reply from advaitins to prove the superiority of shiva over vishNu. (ofcourse, this has been done with the base that both vishNu and shiva are the  personification of ekameva adviteeya tattva).   

With all due respects to those who are putting their best efforts to prove shiva's supremacy over vishNu and vice versa, we the advaitins in Advaita list which is exclusively dedicated to pure Advaita vedAnta discussion as taught by shankara, needlessly should not scratch our heads to prove 'my daddy strongest' :-) when that daddy form itself is avidyA kalpita :-) If at all we want to prove the supremacy of one deity over another we have to take our point of debate to the group where the platform is conducive for open discussion.  Ofcourse, here in Advaita list whatever an advaitin says would be palatable to other fellow advaitins like us and support would pour from all directions when the stand being questioned from other minorities (dvaitins) in the group  :-)  So, to discuss the topics like why shiva taken the help of vishNu in bhasmAsura episode, why rAma worshipped shiva before fight against rAvaNa, why shiva doing the rAma dhyAna with ardha nimeelita netra, how nArAyaNa dashAkruti emerged from the tip of the nail of devi, how anasUya with the mere power of pAtivratya converted all mighty trimurthy-s to kids to breast feed them, how brahma, vishNu, maheshwara are the sons of jagadamba, how from gaNesha, sUrya deva,  deva-s like  rudra vishNu taken birth,  we need an open platform where the strength of presence of  shAkta, Shaiva, vaishNava etc. is  on balance :-) If that is not the case it will be one way traffic :-)   

Just sharing my thoughts for the better clarification with regard to discussions like this in this group  since I too was fond of this deity supremacy discussion some decades back :-) 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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