[Advaita-l] Regarding Padmanabhaswamy

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Thu Jul 13 12:56:30 EDT 2017

This persons chelas took the kArtikeya idol which had arrived from India
and put it into the bathroom in the basement in a local temple. This
happened just a few years back.


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> ......
> Sri Velukkudi Krishnan, during one of his tours to the USA and Canada,
> while addressing
> his hosting groups, made this advice:
> ......
> Strange that he can cross the sea and travel abroad but prohibits visiting
> shiva temples.
> If he is so particular about not visiting shiva temples then how come
> he travelled abroad by crossing the seas.  Is he not aware of
> 'samudra-yAna-prAyaschitta'
> For we hindus, our enemies are our own people.  We never try to learn the
> lesson from the past.
> That is the problem.
> Useless bunch of fanatics and fundamentalists !

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