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Sir, I am not familiar with Madhusudana's works. So I am not sure. The definition of Jiva is pratyagatman. One becomes many. If I can qualify as a Jiva, why can't others around who have the same sentient Atman? Are the insentient objects like table and chair same as the sentient creatures? If we say, it is only in the absolute sense, then there won't be any Jiva, there will be only Brahman. So it is not eka jiva but ekam eva advitiya Brahman. 

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Why not read Siddhant Bindu? In the Siddhanta Bindu it is said -

मुख्यो वेदान्तसिद्धान्त एकजीववादाख्यः । इममेव च
दृष्टिसृष्टिवादमाचक्षते । This Eka
Jeeva Vaada is the Main Vedanta Siddhanta. This itself is also called
as the Drishti Srishti Vaada.

Eka Jeeva Vaada and Drishti Srishti Vaada from Translation of Siddhanta
Bindu by Sri S. N. Sastri is this -

'In this view the jiva himself is the material and efficient cause of the
universe through his own nescience. All the objects perceived are illusory
(like things seen indream). The delusion that there are many jivas is only
due to there being many bodies. Liberation is attained by the single jiva
on realization of the self as a result of the perfection of hearing,
reflection,etc, with the help of the Guru and the scriptures which are all
conjured up by him. The statements about Suka and others having attained
liberation are only by way of eulogy. In the Mahavakya the term ‘That’
signifies by implication consciousness not limited by nescience, like the
terms ‘infinite’, ‘reality’, etc.'

Now stop doubting Madhusudan Saraswati saying he is Vaishnava and all that
nonsense. Ask any Sringeri scholar if he thinks Madhsudana Saraswati is not
from Advaita Tradition. If you keep doubting that you will be
Asampradayavit and will be Moorkhavad Upakshaneeya.


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