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PraNAms to all 


I have no desire to getinto the ongoing discussions on the topic,  but I need some clarificationsin terms of Eka Jeeva vaada.


The discussion obviouslyis in the realm of the Vyavahaara where ignorance and the realization are alsoinvolved.  


The current discussionalso involves aneka jeevas or individuals and not by one or not by Eka jeeva,since there are many jeevas that are involved in these discussions, each differingfrom one another and arguing with each other.


Since everybody quotingother Acharys and their positions, starting from Bhagavat paada Shankara, therehave been many jeevas involved from the very beginning of the creation too;each differing form others. 


Advaita also differsfrom the Vijnaana vaada position that the individual mind does not project theworld and then perceive it. Thus, the total world that includes all jeevas andthe jagat is not projected by the individual mind or eka jeeva’s anthaH karaNa. We are to invoking Iswara as the creatorof the totality, and obviously He uses the maaya Shakti to create the world.Mandukaya does provide both from the micro and macro cosmic aspects at the waking,dream and deep sleep states. 


True, when I go to deepsleep state, the whole world along with jeevas is folded, and Mandukya definesthat state only as 'na kanchana kaamam kaamayata', as there is no desire forobjects. It also defines from macro point Iswara too. Thus differentiating ‘ina way’ both the individual mind with ignorance and collective mind with maaya orprojecting power for creation of the totality. Eka jeeva’s creation differsfrom Iswara creation, as discussed elaborately, say by Vidyaranya in Ch. 4 (Ithink). We do accept praatibhasika and vyaahaarika levels as part of mithyaa. 


Iswara is free fromIgnorance as stated in Mudaka – as sarvajnaH and sarvavit – knowledge of bothpara and apara vidya. Hence Iswara does not have ignorance. Ignorance restswith the jeeva. From that point one can say the knowledge or self-realizationto remove self-ignorance rests with individual Jeeva – where Eka jeeva vaadapertains. Hence when I realize, I not only realize that I am the Brahman andalso realize that I support the triad – jeeva-jagat-Iswara. It is not that ekajeeva is Iswara, he understands that the substantive of the triad using bhaagatyaaga lakshana that Brahman that he is. Hence at jeeva level or vyaavahaarikalevel aneka jeevas are still there – as the realized person transacts with theworld– although he understood that other than the substantive (aatma orBrahman) everything is only apparent or mithyaa.  Hence from each individual jeeva point, attransactional level where this whole ignorance and realization are involved,there are aneka jeevas, jagat and Iswara- assumed to be real when there isignorance;and recognized as mithyaa after realization. 


My concern is in essence– Eka jeeva aspect also has to be qualified since as long as we are referring tojeeva – we have the trinity – jeeva-jagat and Iswara, where individual antaHkaraNa or eka jeeva anthaHkarana is different from the collective anthaH Karanaforming maaya Shakti with sarvajna Iswara behind. UpadrashTaanumaantaachabhartaa bhoktaa maheswaraH..Bg. Ch. 13. 


My 2c


Hari Om!


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