[Advaita-l] Vaadiraaja Teertha's Yuktimallika - Eka Jeeva Vaada Criticism - Slokas 3-677 to 3-691

Venkatesh Murthy vmurthy36 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 03:26:24 EDT 2017


There is one more argument for Eka Jeeva Vaada. The world is made up of
Cetana and Acetana Vastus. Fine first we think all the Cetana and Acetana
Vastus are real. Cetana Vastus are Jeevas. We can think Jeevas are
interacting with each other. But this interaction cannot be strictly
between one Jeeva and another Jeeva. It should have some Acetana Vastu
also. If I give you a book I know I am Cetana and you are Cetana but book
is Acetana Vastu. If I am speaking to you my voice is carried by air waves
to your ear. The air is Acetana Vastu. The physical body with voice
generation capability is also Acetana only because without Jeeva it is
dead.  And so on. All Jeevas are interacting but without Acetana Vastus the
interaction is not possible. Communication is not possible.

Now we come to the Yukti. From Sruti we know the Acetana Vastus are all
Mithyaa. They are not real. Therefore the interactions between Jeevas are
also Mithyaa because they depend on Mithyaa Vastus. Then what? How can real
Jeevas interact without real communication or real objects? Therefore we
will have a bad situation. Many Jeevas may be there but they cannot
interact. This means one thing only. The Jeevas also are Mithyaa. But one
exception. The Drashta of all this world with Cetana and Acetana Vastus
cannot be Mithyaa. He must be real otherwise we will a BIG Shoonya. Sruti
will not allow Shoonya to be end result but Brahman. Therefore that one
Drashta is the one Jeeva in this world.

We have answered Yuktimallika with Yukti only but Sruti Anugruheeta Yukti.

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