[Advaita-l] Debunking Drishti-Srishti Vada and Eka Jiva Vada - part 1

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Namaste Praveenji

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> Apologies for answering a question asked to Subbuji...
Not at all, glad to hear your input.

> > Could the order not be: 1) I see creation. 2) What I see is an appearance
> > 3) Therefore there is no creation 4) I am all there is.
> >
> 1 is SDV.
> ‚Äč2+3 = DSV.
> 4 is moksha.
> This is appropriating the concept of mithyAtva itself to drishTi srishTi
vAda - I don't think there is any basis to do that. The reason for this is
in the text below that you quoted.

> Once I conclude that what is seen is an appearance, why is it
> necessary to attribute an causal agent for that appearance? If no causal
> agency is needed, there is no necessity for drishTa srishTi to follow
> srishTa drishTi before moksha.

You also mentioned elsewhere that the dream drishTAnta is exclusively
applicable to drishTi srishTi prakriyA. I am not convinced that it is
exclusively so. It is not necessary that every aspect of the drishTAnta
will match every aspect of the dArshTAnta. All the person using this
anumAna relies on is that the hetu that exists in svapna exists in the
dArshTAnta too, in order to establish that the sAdhya (mithyAtva) that
exists in svapna exists in the dArshTAnta also. Thus, to postulate that the
svapna jagat sriShTi kartritvam that exists in the dream is an absolute
necessity as a stepping stone to moksha.

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