[Advaita-l] Tamas, physical darkness, is a positive object

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Namaste Praveenji

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> Namaste Raviji,
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> > Interestingly, only light (tejas) is listed under dravya (substance), but
> > not darkness (tamas), in tarka sangraha.
> >
> ​True. In Padakrtya, a doubt is raised: there is a saying that the
> darkness/shadow moves. नीलस्तमश्चलति। They also say that being touched with
> someone's shadow is auspicious while that of another is inauspicious. The
> answer given is: तेजसः अभावः तमः।
> That said, what about अभाव itself? Its a पदार्थ। So you can say that the
> तमः is that which is an अभावपदार्थ ! :)

In that case, which one of the 4 abhAva  :-)

> In any case, its not as bad for Vedantins, since we use नञ् as विरोधार्थे
> नञ् to result in अविद्या। Else, we should have no objection to Shunyavadins
> since अभावरूप शून्यत्वम् can also cause संसार then!!

Never, as bhAshya clearly says..

तत्त्वाग्रहणेन तमसा अन्यथाग्रहणबीजभूतेन बद्धो भवति

> Still, we do not
> really insist on भावरूपा, but we say it is not अभावरूपा। It can be said as
> यत्किञ्चिद् भावरूपा।

agreed, as some prakriyas admit so ..

> ​gurupAdukAbhyAm
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