[Advaita-l] Debunking Drishti-Srishti Vada and Eka Jiva Vada - part 1

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Sri Venkatraghavan is absolutely correct. The VC is giving Satta Traividhya
for Manda Adhikaris  and giving Satta Dvaividhya for Uttama Adhikaris.
Satta Traividhyapaksho Manda Adhikarika Iti. The Uttama Adhikaris are
treating Waking and Dream States are equal. No difference. For them
Vyaharika Satta is meaningless. They are always in dream even in so called
waking state. There are now only two Sattas. Paramarthika Brahman and
Praatibhaasika of dreams.

For Manda Adhikaris the Waking is different from Dream. They have to accept
Vyavaharika Satta. There are now three - Paramarthika, Vyavaharika and

In explaining this Panchadashi has accepted in one place Vyavaharika as
Ishwara Srushti and Pratibhasika as Jeeva Sruchti. But in DSV EJV there is
no separate Ishwara Srushti. Everything is Jeeva Srushti only. Therefore
there can be no Vyavaharika Objects in DSV EJV. This is my understanding.

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> >
> Ref book page 209, adobe page 312. According to him, the
> > > version presented by Swami Vidyaranya is only a different
> interpretation
> > of
> > > SDV only and not DSV (either of the two versions) !!!
> This is discussing only chapter ​​4 of the Panchadashi, where IshvarasRShTi
> and jIvasRShTi bheda, former being vyAvahArika and the latter prAtibhAsika,
> is shown in the process of viveka and what all has to be given up in the
> end. I am a little lost on how does it mean that Sw. Vidyaranya never
> endorsed DSV? Is the 4th chapter the only part in Anubhutiprakasha
> commentary on Kaushitaki? I haven't studied the latter.
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