[Advaita-l] World is mind alone: Shankara

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Dear Sri Vidyasankar,    I thank you for your kind response to my posting. I have a feeling that the reply has no bearing upon the questions at all. 

With respectful namaskars,Sreenivasa Murthy.

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Dear Friends,   Clarification for the following questions is requested :     (1) Does the mind exist prior to the appearance of the world?     (2) If the world is mind only , then why there is distinction and difference between mind
          and matter which is perceptible?     (3) Do the mind and the world appear simulteneously?    ( 4) If the world is mind only then this doctrine comes under the category of IDEALISM,
          is it not so?  I have a request :the replies should be facts which can be verified by all. PLEASE,NO QUOTATIONS FROM OLD TEXTS LIKE YOGAVASISHTA etc. 

The requirement of "verification of facts by all" presupposes the mind, does it not? Not only one mind, it presupposes the presence and independent operation of multiple minds, does it not?
How can your questions be answered impartially then? 
Best regards,Vidyasankar


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