[Advaita-l] ‘Fie upon the forehead that is devoid of Bhasma’

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> Please see a related post:
> http://www.advaita-vedanta.org/archives/advaita-l/2010-June/024837.html
> Also, I remember having read about a bhAgavata sampradAya maTha affiliated
> to Shankara BhagavatpAda's philosophy, probably the Balekudru Matha, where
> the Yati wears a Gopi chandana in the morning and bhasma in the evening. It
> is claimed that this is the only advaita pITha maTha in Dakshina Kannada
> and Udupi districts combined.
> I was able to find the webpage of the maTha for those who are interested:
> http://balekudrumut.org/home.html
> Anand

Thank you Anand ji, for the references. Actually there are some smarta
families in Tamil nadu and Kerala who adhere to the morning-gopi chandana
and evening-bhasma tripundra practice. I have myself seen such elders.
Youngsters of those very families of the modern times do not meticulously
practice that dual-pundra dharana; they stick to only one, mostly guided by
convenience, peer influence, etc. Nevertheless all such practices are
happily accepted by śiṣṭa-s without causing any ill feeling to anyone by
any other member.  Just one sample is:


and another:



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