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Gist of the talk by the Jagadguru: Desist from doing to others that which
will cause them pain. When others cause us pain we do not like that.
Instead help others by all means. When helping others never expect any
benefit from them as return to you. Is is merely our duty to help others.
The Bhagavadgita 17.20 teaches that the best gift is that which is given to
such a one who is not in a position to return anything to us. There is an
instance in the Ramayana to demonstrate this. Hanuman performed the
matchless deed of help to Rama by leaping to Lanka, locating Sita,
conversing with her and securing her chudamani (ornament worn on the head)
as a mark of identity and giving that to Rama. This is not an ordinary help
but a magnificent one. Acknowledging this help from Hanuman, Rama addressed
him thus: You have done a great deed of help to me. I will never forget
that. However, you have to forget this help. Why? If you are expecting any
return from me for this help you have done to me, that would be wrong. Why?
This help from you came to me when I was in great misery. In case you
expect a return from me, it will have to be when you are in misery. Thus,
while expecting a return of help from me, you are also expecting a
miserable situation for yourself. Why should that be? Let no misfortune
befall you and let no return of help come to you from me. Is that not much
better than expecting any return for help rendered? The verse cited is: नरः
प्रत्युपकारार्थी विपत्तिमधिकांक्षति । [ he who expects a return of help
also wishes for himself a miserable situation.]

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