[Advaita-l] 'I do not know' is bhāvarūpa ajnana

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​Namaste Subbuji,

​Thanks for a nicely detailed explanation from Advaita Siddhi on the
subject. ​

Under Mandukya Karika 1.2
​ while commenting on प्राज्ञ, Bhashyakara says
ज्ञानदाह्यबीजाभावे च ज्ञानानर्थक्यप्रसङ्गः
​on which the Tikakara says that Bhashyakara says this since अभावरूपाज्ञान
can neither be burnt nor a seed.


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> In the Advaita siddhi there is a discussion on the status of the ajnana of
> the form 'I do not know', 'मयि ज्ञानं नास्ति’. While the siddhantin's
> is that this is not an abhāva of jnāna since there is the knowledge of
> content of ajnana', the purvapakshin's stand is that there is no need to
> accept a bhāvarūpa ajnana but settle for a jnānābhāva for this kind of
> ignorance.

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