[Advaita-l] 'I do not know' is bhāvarūpa ajnana

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> Namaste
> If it be accepted, bhAvarUpa ajnAna in sushupti ( and not the mere absence
> of jnAna,
> constitutes ajnAna ) based on the logic presented here, though one's
> experience in sushupti itself ( during sushupti) is no experience of jnAna
> or ajnAna, whatsoever, how it be explained that, one's getting the
> akhandakaravritti, in jAgrat, can possibly remove this bhAvarUpa ajnAna in
> sushupti? what is the yukti presented in that case ?

The akhandakaravritti is not intended to remove the saushuptika ajnana. The
article presented the deep sleep case as yet another instance of bhāvarupa

> Should not, one resort to samAdhi practices ( as mentioned in some
> prakarana granthas), to destroy this bhAvarUpa ajnAna in sushupti, and
> getting advaita jnAna in jAgrat alone, does not suffice ?

Actually even for a Jnani the deep sleep state will be no different from
that of others. Only that others wake up as samsarins while the Jnani does
not lose his realization. Only that realization destroys the mula ajnana
that projects samsara. As bādhita-anuvṛtti the states continue even for the
Jnani only with the difference mentioned above.

> Also, how does this reconcile with other Sruti texts (on sushupti
> experience) in chandogya, Brihadaranyaka...
> samprasAda, supto na kaṃ cana kāmaṃ kāmayate,
> तद्वा अस्यैतदतिच्छन्दा अपहतपाप्माभयं रूपम्, एवमेवायं पुरुषः प्राज्ञेनात्मना
> संपरिष्वक्तो न बाह्यं किंचन वेद नान्तरम्; तद्वा अस्यैतदाप्तकाममात्मकाममकामं
> रूपम् शोकान्तरम्, अत्र पितापिता भवति, मातामाता, लोका अलोकाः, देवा अदेवाः,
> वेदा अवेदाः, सर्वाञ्छोकान्हृदयस्य भवति
> यद्वै तन्न पश्यति पश्यन्वै तन्न पश्यति, न हि द्रष्टुर्दृष्टेर्विपरिलोपो
> विद्यतेऽविनाशित्वान् । न तु तद्द्वितीयमस्ति ततोऽन्यद्विभक्तं यत्पश्येत्
> there is not that second thing separate from it which it can see...
> न तु तद्द्वितीयमस्ति ततोऽन्यद्विभक्तं यद्विजानीयात्
> सलिल एको द्रष्टाद्वैतो भवति, एष ब्रह्मलोकः सम्राडिति हैनमनुशशास
> याज्ञवल्क्यः, एषास्य परमा गतिः, एषास्य परमा संपत्, एषोऽस्य परमो लोकः,
> एषोऽस्य परम आनन्दः; एतस्यैवानन्दस्यान्यानि भूतानि मात्रामुपजीवन्ति
> It becomes (transparent) like water, one, the witness, and without a
> second. This is the world (state) of Brahman, O Emperor. Thus did
> Yājñavalkya instruct Janaka: This is its supreme attainment, this is its
> supreme glory, this is its highest world, this is its supreme bliss...

In this section the deep sleep state is taken up as an analogy for the
liberated state. So only the bliss, etc. part is highlighted. Just some
similarities are shown between deep sleep state and liberation.  The two
are not the same.

> Thanks

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