[Advaita-l] 'I do not know' is bhāvarūpa ajnana

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Hare Krishna

It would be interesting to know, how such a knowledge ( akhandakaravrtti) attained in samAdhi, differs from shAstra vAkya janita jnana?

Ø     In short, shAstra vAkya janita jnana is something like theoretical knowledge of swimming and samAdhi is diving in the water and ‘swimming’ a practical knowledge of ‘art of swimming’ ☺ Hence in some vyAkhyAnakAra’s work there is an interval between jnana prApti and mOksha / sAkshAtkAra.

If such a samAdhi janya jnana has potential to remove the avidya completely, in such a way ( incl of avidya lesha responsible for prarabdha), such a one (using just for discussion sake), may not return back from nirvikalpa samAdhi ( the upAdhi may drop off eventually) , right ?

Ø    As you know,  JMV has some details about attaining and coming back from samAdhi…If someone does not come out from samAdhi he would be considered as uppermost jnAni, if someone comes back from the samAdhi on his own or with the help of others they are inferior to this supreme jnAni.

Ø   Sri SSS observes that this linking of patanjala yOga method of samAdhi with Atmaikatva jnana of vedAnta is ‘kalabereke’ of vedAnta shAstra with dvaita yOga shAstra.  Though he does not belittle the importance of yOga shAstra in the sAdhana prakriya he is of the opinion that this admixture of yOga and vedAnta is quite unwarranted when advocating the upanishadic Atmaikatva jnana from the vedAnta perspective.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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