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Where is this book available? Address and phone number please.

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> New Book 'Dhvāntanirāsaḥ' - Sanskrit
> A new book in Sanskrit with the above title is about the replies to the
> objections on the early advaitic works by Sri Jayatirtha in his
> Nyāyasudhā.  This short work was originally commenced by late MM Sri Goda
> Subrahmanya Sastri and continued up to the samanvayādhikaraṇam by eminent
> scholar late Sri Narayana Bhatta. The book carries a foreword by Vidwan Sri
> Mani Dravid Sastri.  In the foreword it is said that even though many
> objections were answered by earlier Advaitic works, this work is unique in
> that it cites exact lines from the Nyayasudha for refutation.
> The book was published in 2016 by Vidwan Sri Hithlalli Suryanarayana
>  Nagendra Bhatta.  The price mentioned is Rs.100.
> regards
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