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> Namaste All,
> Thank you for considering my request. I had posed the same question
> earlier in Yahoo Advaitin group but it was withheld for some reason. Hoping
> that my email will go through in this list.
> Recently there was some news about Padmanabhaswamy temple of
> Tiruvanantapuram and incidentally I saw the idol of the deity. Here is how
> it looks : http://cdn2.theeventchronicle.com/wp-
> content/uploads/2017/04/Sri-Padmanabhaswamy-Temple-
> Mahavishnu-Idol-32-KG.jpg
> Please notice the right hand is over Shiva Ling as if dripping
> water/(consciousness?) continuously. May be this indicates Yoga Nidra?
> And I have personally seen the idol of Ranganatha deity in Sri Rangam
> where the right hand is under the head of the deity, as if taking rest
> below a tree. Here is an image : https://cdn.dollsofindia.
> com/images/products/vishnu-pictures/lord-sri-ranganathaswamy-AD71_l.jpg
> My question is, why is there so much difference? What is the significance
> of this?

Regarding the presence of Shiva Linga here is an explanation:


//The presence of Lord Shiva under the hands of SriPadmanabha is said to be
related to the story of Lord Vishnu vanquishing the demon Keshi. Some also
say that it is related to the story of the demon Bhasmasura. Thus to
symbolize the protection of Lord Shiva, we can see the Shivalinga under the
hands of the Lord SriPadmanabha (SriPadmanabha Daasa Maharaja Swathi
Thirunaall says this in his Keerthanam "Chinthayaami the padhaneeraruham"
as "Anthakaari Kamalaasana Sevitha"). //

Another explanation:


// From the navel of the Lord emerges a lotus on which Lord Brahma, the
Creator, is seated. Just below the stretched right arm of the Lord is the
Shiva Linga of the Destroyer. Brahma, Vishnu(Padmanabha) and Shiva
represent the ‘Srushti, Stithi and Samharam’.//

Yet another:

//*Padmanabhan*, on April 21, 2016 at 2:54 pm

It is too late for a reply. I am a local person at Thiruvananthapuram.
There is a Siva Linga at the tip of the right hand of lord Padmanabha’s
idol. The sivites say that he is worshiping lord Siva, The vishnavites
claim that it is protecting symbol to Siva Linga.//

One more:


//Lord Krishna came appeared before Sage Divakara as a mischievous small
boy. The boy swallowed the Saligrama that the sage had kept for his puja.
The sage was enraged and chased the boy who hid himself behind a tree. This
tree fell down and became Vishnu in reclining Anantha Sayanam posture.

Recognizing that the tree was Vishnu himself, the sage pleaded and begged
the Lord to reduce his size. Lord Vishnu shrunk and asked the sage to
worship him in three doors. Lord Shiva can be worshipped in the first door,
Lord Brahma in the second and the feet of Lord Vishnu in the third, which
leads one to salvation.//

Just one more:

//Lord Vishnu is not worshiping any God, He only worships His own beloved
devotees, who cannot bear the separation with Him even for a fraction of
second. Lord Siva is the most devoted Vaishnava, according to Srimad
Bhagavatham. There it is mentioned

"vaishnava:nam yadha: sambhuh". So Lord Vishnu kept Siva, always under His
abled shade of His Divine Hand. Do understand the Lords'act.

Jai Srimannarayana!


Just one last of the never ending reasons perhaps!!


// The Lord’s right hand is placed over a Shiva lingam that symbolizes
synergy between both deities. //

synergy means: the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations,
substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the
sum of their separate effects.

You can discover more and more. Each one gives a reason that is driven by
his samskara, upbringing, sectarian beliefs, etc.



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