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There is a story about Srirangam temple. Check authentic source. Ranganatha
is said to be Rama's kula deivam.


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> Thanks for the reply V Subrahmanian.
> I tried to get info from the official temple website but could not get a
> clear answer. If we observe the idol, Lord Ananta is assuming a jnana mudra
> and is clearly seen worshipping the Linga. It resembles how we worship the
> linga by keeping a water pot on top a linga, water dripping incessantly.
> However, the body is asleep. So I thought, is this yoga nidra? May be, may
> be not. Hence the doubt.
> I am also interested to know about the historicity of this deity. It is
> said to be quite old. So I am wondering if this is the original
> representation of Narayana/Vishnu and that Ranganatha was conceived later
> by Ramanujacharya.
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> wrote:
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> Namaste All,
> Thank you for considering my request. I had posed the same question
> earlier in Yahoo Advaitin group but it was withheld for some reason. Hoping
> that my email will go through in this list.
> Recently there was some news about Padmanabhaswamy temple of
> Tiruvanantapuram and incidentally I saw the idol of the deity. Here is how
> it looks : http://cdn2. theeventchronicle.com/wp-
> content/uploads/2017/04/Sri- Padmanabhaswamy-Temple-
> Mahavishnu-Idol-32-KG.jpg
> <http://cdn2.theeventchronicle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Sri-Padmanabhaswamy-Temple-Mahavishnu-Idol-32-KG.jpg>
> Please notice the right hand is over Shiva Ling as if dripping
> water/(consciousness?) continuously. May be this indicates Yoga Nidra?
> And I have personally seen the idol of Ranganatha deity in Sri Rangam
> where the right hand is under the head of the deity, as if taking rest
> below a tree. Here is an image : https://cdn.dollsofindia.
> com/images/products/vishnu- pictures/lord-sri- ranganathaswamy-AD71_l.jpg
> <https://cdn.dollsofindia.com/images/products/vishnu-pictures/lord-sri-ranganathaswamy-AD71_l.jpg>
> My question is, why is there so much difference? What is the significance
> of this?
> Regarding the presence of Shiva Linga here is an explanation:
> http://www.ananthapadmanabhaswamytemple.org/deities.html
> //The presence of Lord Shiva under the hands of SriPadmanabha is said to
> be related to the story of Lord Vishnu vanquishing the demon Keshi. Some
> also say that it is related to the story of the demon Bhasmasura. Thus to
> symbolize the protection of Lord Shiva, we can see the Shivalinga under the
> hands of the Lord SriPadmanabha (SriPadmanabha Daasa Maharaja Swathi
> Thirunaall says this in his Keerthanam "Chinthayaami the padhaneeraruham"
> as "Anthakaari Kamalaasana Sevitha"). //
> Another explanation:
> http://www.sreepadmanabhaswamytemple.org/deities.htm
> // From the navel of the Lord emerges a lotus on which Lord Brahma, the
> Creator, is seated. Just below the stretched right arm of the Lord is the
> Shiva Linga of the Destroyer. Brahma, Vishnu(Padmanabha) and Shiva
> represent the ‘Srushti, Stithi and Samharam’.//
> Yet another:
> https://bharatabharati.wordpress.com/2012/02/13/sree-
> padmanabhaswamy-temple-the-insid-story-choodie-shivaram/
> //*Padmanabhan*, on April 21, 2016 at 2:54 pm
> <https://bharatabharati.wordpress.com/2012/02/13/sree-padmanabhaswamy-temple-the-insid-story-choodie-shivaram/#comment-32702>
>  said:
> It is too late for a reply. I am a local person at Thiruvananthapuram.
> There is a Siva Linga at the tip of the right hand of lord Padmanabha’s
> idol. The sivites say that he is worshiping lord Siva, The vishnavites
> claim that it is protecting symbol to Siva Linga.//
> One more:
> https://indianmandirs.blogspot.in/2014/02/sri-anantha-padmanabha-swamy-
> temple-in.html
> //Lord Krishna came appeared before Sage Divakara as a mischievous small
> boy. The boy swallowed the Saligrama that the sage had kept for his puja.
> The sage was enraged and chased the boy who hid himself behind a tree. This
> tree fell down and became Vishnu in reclining Anantha Sayanam posture.
> Recognizing that the tree was Vishnu himself, the sage pleaded and begged
> the Lord to reduce his size. Lord Vishnu shrunk and asked the sage to
> worship him in three doors. Lord Shiva can be worshipped in the first door,
> Lord Brahma in the second and the feet of Lord Vishnu in the third, which
> leads one to salvation.//
> Just one more:
> http://www.indiadivine.org/content/topic/1091168-
> ananthapadmanabha-swami-lord-vishnu-worshipping-lord-shiva/
> //Lord Vishnu is not worshiping any God, He only worships His own beloved
> devotees, who cannot bear the separation with Him even for a fraction of
> second. Lord Siva is the most devoted Vaishnava, according to Srimad
> Bhagavatham. There it is mentioned
> "vaishnava:nam yadha: sambhuh". So Lord Vishnu kept Siva, always under His
> abled shade of His Divine Hand. Do understand the Lords'act.
> Jai Srimannarayana!
> =chinnajeeyar=//
> Just one last of the never ending reasons perhaps!!
> http://www.goroadtrip.com/explore/india/kerala/thiruvananthapuram/
> attractions/padmanabhaswamy-temple-3478
> // The Lord’s right hand is placed over a Shiva lingam that symbolizes
> synergy between both deities. //
> synergy means: the interaction or cooperation of two or more
> organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect
> greater than the sum of their separate effects.
> You can discover more and more. Each one gives a reason that is driven by
> his samskara, upbringing, sectarian beliefs, etc.
> regards
> vs
> Thanks
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