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Yes, there are many idols which are different from each other. But in case of Ranganatha and Padmanabha idols, both are in the state of Yoga Nidra. I am wondering if there can be multiple ways of depicting Yoga Nidra. Further, I am not certain if there is another temple dedicated to Ananta sleeping on a serpent Shesha except the Ranganatha temple (3 temples, I think) and the Trivandrum temple. If there is, then there is possibly a reference in Agamas as to how the idol should be designed? 
>From what I understand, Padmanabhaswamy temple is older than Sri Rangam temple. 

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 Dear Sri Aditya

//So I am wondering if this is the original representation of Narayana/Vishnu and that Ranganatha was conceived later by Ramanujacharya.//

Srirangam temple is much older than Ramanuja. It is mentioned in Tamil Sangam literature. 

Mahabharata also talks of Vishnu sleeping in the ocean on a giant serpent (without any mention of Shiva linga). 

Having said that, there is no such thing as the original representation of Vishnu. In some temples the idol is in a standing posture, in some temples the idol is in a sleeping posture, in some temples the idol is in a sitting posture. It varies from temple to temple.

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