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Tillai Govindaraja was forciblly installed against opposition of Dikshitars
by one Tupakula Anantakrishna Bhupala literally at bayonet point.
It appears that a number of hereditary Dikshitars were killed in the


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> //There is another very important Govindaraja sannidhi, with the reclining
> Vishnu as the mUlavigraha, in Chidambaram, within the same temple complex
> as the famous Nataraja temple.//
> The Govindaraja swamy temples at Chidambaram and Tirupathi have a deep
> connection.
> Chidambaram was the place where the original Govindaraja swamy temple
> existed before the idol was said to be dumped into the sea due to sectarian
> rivalries. Vaishnavas were however able to save the utsava murtis and
> brought them to Tirupathi, and built the current Govindaraja swamy temple
> at Tirupathi.
> Later, during the Vijayanagara rule, the current Chidambaram Govindaraja
> Swamy was installed again by a local king.
> http://www.frontline.in/static/html/fl2621/stories/20091023262102600.htm
> //According to historians, during the reign of Kulothunga Chola-II, a
> Saivite, the idol of Govindaraja Perumal was dumped in the sea. When it was
> reinstalled later by a chieftain of the Vijayanagar empire, as many as 20
> Dikshitars committed suicide//
> //In its judgment on September 15, the court pointed out that both the
> shrines, of Nataraja and Govindaraja Perumal, have separate sanctum
> sanctorums, altars, temple towers and flag masts. Separate rituals and
> ceremonies are conducted for the deities. The order also points out that
> the Sabanayagar temple is one of the 108 divyadesams (holy places of
> Vaishnavites). Tamil savants Kulasekara Azhwar and Thirumangai Azhwar had
> visited this shrine, and their verses on Govindaraja Perumal have been
> compiled into Nalayira Divyaprabandam, it adds.//
> //"It is also history that due to certain conflicts between the Saivites
> and Vaishnavites, the idol of Thillai Govindaraja was removed in or about
> the 13th century and later during the rule of Vijayanagara kings, one of
> their chieftains reconstructed the Govindaraja sannidhi [sanctum
> sanctorum], after which [17th century] the small sannidhi in its present
> form came to stay and pujas are being performed by a separate sect of
> Vaishnavite priests,” it says.//
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> Kalyan
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