[Advaita-l] Vaadiraaja Teertha's Yuktimallika - Advaita Criticism - Slokas 1-10 to 1-13

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Vaadiraaja has written Yuktimallika very proudly and this work is
considered by Madhva scholars as his very best. It is superior in all
respects than other books like Nyayaratnavali. In this book he has put up
his best effort in his life.

We can now see how he is criticizing Advaita.

In the last Sloka 1-9 he is boasting Madhva Siddhanta came at the end of
all Brahma Sutra Bhashyas. The Bauddha and Jaina Matas were Poorva Paksha
for Advaita, Visistadvaita and so on. Madhva's BSB is the last written
Sutra Bhashya. No other Bhashya is there after it. Therefore Madhva's BSB
is the final Siddhanta of all philosophies.

अन्ते सिद्धस्तु सिद्धान्तो मध्वस्यागम एव हि ।

निर्णेतुं शक्यते युक्तायुक्तपक्षविमर्शिभिः ॥ १-९ गुणसौरभ
The finally proved Philosophy is the Siddhanta. This is Madhva Mata only.
This can be decided by scholars knowing the Yukta and Ayukta of philosophy.

अस्मादुत्तरपक्षोऽन्यो यस्मान्नद्यापि दृश्यते ।

तस्मात् स एव सिद्धान्त इति निश्चित्य चेतसा ॥ १-१०

अवलम्ब्य मतं सर्वोन्नतं श्रुतिपुरस्कृतम् ।
मयेत्थं युक्तिरुचिना क्रियते युक्तिमल्लिका ॥ १-११

There is no other Brahma Sutra Bhashya coming after Madhva's Bhashya seen
even today. Therefore Madhva Mata is the final Siddhanta and I have decided
this in my mind. I am depending on this excellent and superior Mata
agreeing with the Vedas and I am writing this YUKTIMALLIKA having interest
in Logic and Reasoning in the said manner as before.

Response - Final Brahma Sutra Bhashya is by Madhva is not correct because
there are others like Gaudiya Bhashya. Another point is we can say Advaita
was the final Siddhanta and others coming later were only challenging it.
The later Bhashyas cannot become Siddhanta simply because they came later.
The challenge to Advaita was unsuccessful.

Then Vaadiraaja is immediately coming to attack Advaita.

त्वं चण्डालः पशुर्म्लेच्छः चोरो जारः खरः कपिः ।

कुण्डो गोलक इत्याद्या या निन्दा लोकसम्मताः ।

ताः सर्वाः सर्वजीवैक्यवादे स्युर्हि परात्मनि ॥ १-१२
You are Candala,beast, Mleccha - flesh eating foreigner, thief,
debaucherous person - having illegitamate sex, donkey, monkey, son of
a prostitute, son of a widow and so on - all these abusive words used by
people. All these abusive words are aimed at Paramatma Himself because you
Advaiti is saying all Jeevas are not different from and same as Paramatma -

Here the Teekakaara is giving a Sloka. Who is Kunda? Who is Golaka ? Both
are illegitimate sons but there is a difference.

परदारेषु जायेते तौ सुतौ कुण्डगोलकौ ।

पत्यौ जीवति कुण्डः स्यात् मृते भर्तरि गोलकः ॥ मनुः

Sons illegitimately born in another man's wife are Kunda and
Golaka. Illegitimate son born to another man's wife when her husband is
living is Kunda. Illegitimate son born to a wife of a dead man is Golaka.

ब्रह्मैव हीनयोनीस्ताः प्राप्य स्वेनैव कर्मणा ।

संसरेच्चेदियं सर्वा गाली कस्य गले वद ॥ १-१३

Because of His own sinful actions Brahman is born in sinful births and He
is caught in Samsaara cycle of birth and death. If you accept this tell me
who is the OBJECT of all Gaalis - abusive words? In whose neck will all the
abusive words fall?

Response - Simple answer is Advaitis accept Loka Vyavahaara. We cannot mix
that with Paramartha Brahman and say all Jeevas are same. Therefore your
bank account is my bank account, your wife is my wife, your site and house
is my site and house because we are all same. No. This is not Advaita at
all. The Sruti has said 'Yatra hi Dvaitamiva Bhavati Tad Itara Itaram
Pashyati'. In LokaVyavahaara there will be Dvaita and Bheda also. The
Candala, Mleccha, Jaara, Donkey, Monkey, Randaa Putra, Vidhava Putra are
all different and not same. Paramatma is also different from them.
Therefore abusive words will be for a particular person but not to

Requesting scholars to kindly respond with more details and finer points.



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