[Advaita-l] Pitru Rina and progeny

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We can arrive at reasonable solutions to such questions using 
our sat-asat viveka buddhi cultivated via sAdhanA, and study 
and contemplation of vedic texts. (After all, shastra-s are nothing
but a compilation of such well thought solutions.) 

We did not start our life in this loka from scratch. We took a 
lot from what was already in place when we took birth. Everything 
that we took is a debt that we need to pack back. 

1. A civilized human society consisting of (a large number of) good, 
caring, responsible humans was critical to our well being. Best 
way to pack back this debt would be for you to be an equally good 
if not better member of human society and bring up equally good 
children for continuation of the civilized human society. 
(By these acts one retains the eligibility to be born again in this 
loka - as humans.) 

2. In today's world we have taken a lot from science and technology. 
In whatever way we can contribute to research and development 
in some field of science and technology will be a good way to pay 
back this debt. Not everyone can do this directly, so indirect contributions 
should also be okay. (By these acts and similar acts for advancement 
of human race/ society one becomes eligible for pitru loka). 

3. There are many divine forces at work every moment to ensure a 
smooth functioning of life in this loka. Study and sAdhanA to understand 
these forces (tattvas) and if possible participating in their divine work 
via upAsaNa-s is a very high caliber karma to pay back debt. 
(By knowledge and upAsanA of divine vidyA-s one becomes eligible 
for deva loka and higher realms.) 

I remember having read in some upanishad - progeny entitles one for birth
in this loka, karma makes one eligible for pitru loka, and vidyA makes one
eligible for deva loka. What I have written above is my understanding of 
this statement from the upanishad.

Shrinivas Gadkari

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