[Advaita-l] Vaadiraaja Teertha's Yuktimallika - Advaita Criticism - Slokas 1-10 to 1-13

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 05:56:13 EDT 2017

In fact AV's interpretation of atra vEda avEdAH does not consider pipplAda's
definition of the term vEda (it is a shrutahAna dOSha)

Nice try. Please inform the rest of us ignoramuses why that specific
citation has special application in interpreting atra vedA avedAH.

By the way, the same upanishat passage also says, in the same context, atra
pitA apitA. Kindly exert the might of your logic to show why pitA is also a

Frankly, I expected dvaitins to respond with much more meaningful stuff.

Also it is illogical in the way that when vedas are said to be sublatable
in mOksha, why they are still continue to exist now? Does it mean nobody in
AV sampradAya ever attained mOxa so far?

Thanks for the good laugh that this strawman argument provides.

Best regards,

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