[Advaita-l] Odd types of Bhakti

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Wed Jun 21 06:16:23 EDT 2017

In Shiva Gita of Padma Purana it is said:

अनादरेण शाठ्येन परिहासेन मायया ।
शिवभक्तिरतश्चेत्स्यादन्त्यजोऽपि विमुच्यते ।।

[Devoid of fervor, out of guile, by deriding or pretension engages himself
intensely in Shiva bhakti, even a low-born will be liberated from samsara.]

The Shivagītā of the Padmapurana has been commented upon by Sringeri
Jagadguru Sri Abhinava Nrsimha Bharati Swaminah [ adorned the peeṭham
during 1599 - 1633 AD]

The concept 'Virodhi Bhakti' itself has a great importance. Its for those
whose intellect can't grasp the divinities positively. for eg. Kamsa,
Chanura and Sishupala were liberated through it. They were constantly
thinking of Lord Krishna (like in meditation) every time even it was as
hatred and anger. Bhagavata Purana 10.29.15 also justifies it. It says:

कामं क्रोधं भयं स्नेहं ऐक्यं सौहृदमेव च ।
नित्यं हरौ विदधतो यान्ति तन्मयतां हि ते ॥ १५ ॥

"15. *Persons who constantly direct their lust, anger, fear, protective
affection, feeling of impersonal oneness or friendship toward Lord Hari are
sure to become absorbed in thought of Him.*"

Om Tat Sat

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