[Advaita-l] What does Ishwara look for in us?

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Thu Jun 22 02:36:09 EDT 2017

What does Ishwara look for in us?

Here is a verse telling us what actually matters when it comes to
expressing bhakti. It is not the outward action that the Lord is pleased
with but the internal mental attitude that He is concerned with. Nilakanṭha
Dikṣita in his Śivotkarśamanjarī says:

अर्चामीति धिया यदेव कुसुमं क्षिप्त्वा जनो मुच्यते
विध्यामीति धिया तदेव विकिरन् भस्मीकृतो मन्मथः|
इत्याभ्यन्तरवृत्तिमात्ररसिको बाह्यानपेक्षश्च यः
स स्वामी मम दैवतं तदितरो नाम्नापि नाम्नायते||

The act of depositing flowers on Bhagavan with the intent 'I am worshiping
Him' leads to liberation. This very act done with the motive 'I shall
injure him' resulted in Manmatha being reduced to ashes. The devotee
considering these two cases concludes: I will not even take the name of any
other (deity) than that Lord, Shiva, my Master, who looks for the intent
and not the outward act.

Om Tat Sat

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