[Advaita-l] Vaadiraaja Teertha's Yuktimallika - Advaita Criticism - Slokas 1-10 to 1-13

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> In Dvaita there is a svarupa sharira for the jiva which will never cease to
> be and will continue in moksha. With that sharira which has mind, sense
> organs, etc which is all chinmātra, the jiva will enjoy all sense pleasures
> and engage in devotional practices in moksha.

Interesting .. the jIva is never free from adhyAsa ( in moksha too )

> And that svarupa of the jiva
> is atomic in size as per their doctrine.

In such a case,

*यो वै भूमा तत्सुखं, न अल्पे सुखमस्ति, भूमैव सुखं भूमात्वेव विजिज्ञासितव्यः*

*is verily far, so far away,  from reach .. *

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