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> Dear Sri Gerald Penn,
> Actually what is told in Mundaka Sruti (3-2-9) is "*NAsyAbrahmavit Kule
> Bhavati*".
> S.Sitarama Sastri’s translation of this published by G.A. Natesan & Co,
> Madras in 1905: “*Moreover in the line of this knower, there will not be
> born any who knows not the Brahman*”.
> Probably in several Smrtis, it must have been mentioned that a BrahmajnAni
> liberates several generations of his forefathers.

Dear Sri Bala Subrahmanyam,

Have you come across any verse with these words:

मोदन्ते पितरः नृत्यन्ते पितामहाः...    I vaguely remember this as a verse
conveying the above sense of a brahmajnani liberating ......

A friend pointed out another verse:

आस्फोटयन्ति पितरः प्रनृत्यन्ति पितामहाः।
वैष्णवोऽस्मत्कुले जातः स नः सन्तारयिष्यति॥
(गरुडपुराणम् ॥ १।२२७।३४)


> In Dasama Skandha of Srimad BhAgavata PurAna, it is mentioned that SrI
> Krshna has immersed the Nanda Vraja VAsis in "Brahmahrada"; ie., He
> bestowed on them the divine experience of Parabrahman.
> In Srimad RAmAyana it is said that Sri RAma granted SantAna Lokas to
> JatAyu. SantAna Lokas means the Jivas in those Lokas will be monotonically
> progressing forward in their spiritual sAdhana till they attain Mukti.
> Regards,
> P.Bala Subrahmanyam

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