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> praNAms Sri Anand Hudli prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> >  One more objection remembered after again reading your pramANa kArya :
> One of the necessary conditions for a source of knowledge to be called a
> pramANa is that it should make things known that are not already known
> (anadhigata).
> >  Advaitins strong belief is that Atman is aprameya and he is not pramANa
> siddha but svayaM siddha.  Under these circumstances how can,  for you
> shAstra is the untya pramANa when that pramANa itself not directly teaching
> you the prama of the prameya??

Shruti is pramana with regard to Brahman by teaching what Brahman is
not  atadvyavṛttirūpeṇa prāmāṇyam shruteḥ. . And the mahavakya is required
to generate that vritti jnanam that destroys avidya.

> And as per your version, whatever shruti talks about Atman is apramANa
> only as you have already asserted that Atman is aprameya, so in short
> shruti is NOT at all talking about Atman and whatever it talks about karma,
> vidhi and lOkAntara karma phala (svargAdi lOka etc.) etc. is again
> avidyAtmaka in your understanding.  So ultimately shruti talking 'nothing'
> about karma and jnana hence it is nothing but shUnyavAda doctrine.  Perhaps
> this is the reason advaitins are being called as pracchanna bauddha-s.

The above is a complete wrong understanding of advaita, as usual. karma,
vidhi, etc. are all known only by shruti pramana since they are not known
otherwise. This is required in the vyavaharika realm where there are
seekers of other purusharthas and for mumukshus to attain chitta shuddhi by
engaging in karma yoga.  The Lord in BG 6th chapter teaches that the yoga
bhrashta will go to punya loka-s and return to this loka to continue his
sadhana. In the 8th chapter the shukla and krshna margas are taught for
those who die without atma jnana. All these are instances of a Jnani for
whom everything is mithya, still using the shruti pramana to guide


> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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