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Namaste Venkateshji,

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> To this, Sri brahmAnandA says, yes mahAvAkya has avidyA apeksha, but here
> the apekshA of avidyA is not as a doSha. For example, a jaundiced patient,
> in whose driShTi, everything is yellow goes to a doctor. The doctor
> correctly diagnoses the patient. The doctor's knowledge (ie diagnosis) has
> an apekshA of pittam in the patient, but pittam is not a doSha for the
> doctor himself. So while the presence of pittam is a requirement for the
> doctor's jnAna, it is not capable of rendering the doctor's jnAna faulty,
> in the same manner as it affects patient's chakshu jnAna. In a similar way,
> mahAvAkya has an apekshA for avidyA, but that avidyA is not as a doSha that
> affects the tAttvikatva of its viShaya.
> ‚ÄčThis is amazing! :) Thanks, that's a good close for my day.

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