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Namaste Sri Srinath,

Here the focus is if smriti can be called a pramANa or not. Validity is
only one of several conditions for a means of knowledge to be called a
pramANa (dispeller of prior ignorance is another). Memory may be valid (or
not), but because by definition, it is the recollection of something
previously known, it cannot be said to dispel the ignorance of an object
and thus cannot be termed pramANa.


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> Namaste.
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>> Thank you Sri Anand ji. Having thought about it, I think Sri Anantakrishna
>> Sastrigal mentions 'ajnAnasya ajnAnaviShayatAyA: vA nivritti:' to
>> differentiate the ayam ghaTa: pratyaksha jnAna from ghaTa: smaraNam.
>> In the case of smriti, while the pot in my mind has ajnAnaviShayatA, the
>> characteristic of ignorance (it is not actively remembered before its
>> samskAra udbodham), because there is no physical pot itself, there is no
>> ajnAna to cover it, in the instance before its memory is invoked - and
>> when
>> smriti jnAna arises, there is ajnAnaviShayatA nivritti, but because there
>> is no ghaTa ajnAna in the pUrva kshaNa, there is no ghaTa ajnAna nivritti.
> So, what are we saying here?object/viShaya as revealed by smriti/smaraNa
> is not a valid knowledge then?
> /sv

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