[Advaita-l] A unique 'attribute' of Sākṣī

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> Reg  << right knowledge of
> the form 'this is a rope and not a snake' arises, that knowledge as well is
> illumined by the sakshi.>>,
> Is this not termed “pramatr bhasya” and not “sAkshi bhAsya” ?  I agree
> that the statement only states  “illumined by the sAkshi” and not “sAkshi
> bhAsya” . But taken with the general flow of the post, it is very likely to
> be understood to mean  “sAkshi bhasya”.

Yes, it is sākṣi-bhāsya. Any knowledge that takes place in the mind is
revealed by the sakshi to the person.  कामः सङ्कल्पो विचिकित्साश्रद्धाश्रद्धा
धृतिरधृतिर्ह्रीर्धीर्भीरित्येतत्सर्वं मन एव Br.up.15.2 has 'dhīḥ' which is

> Also the term “pramatr bhAsya” does not find a place at all in the post,
> and the difference between it and “sAkshi bhAsya” is not broughtout at all.
> Is it intended?

Since the post is about the uniqueness of the sakshi, only that has been


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>> In Advaita the status and role of the 'sākṣī', (witness consciousness) is
>> of great importance. One dimension of sakshi is that it is the illuminer
>> of
>> the mental transformations. Sukha, duḥkha, bhaya, etc. are all
>> sākṣi-bhāsya. So too jnana, ajnana, bhrama are all illumined by the
>> sakshi.
>> Here, the unique attribute of sakshi is that it only illumines the
>> existence, sadbhāva, of that entity which is an object to it, as
>> enumerated
>> above. However, the sakshi does not illumine the attributes, the causes,
>> the right or wrong, etc of what it illumines. For example, when I am
>> happy,
>> the sakshi just illumines that I am happy but not why I am happy, what
>> caused my happiness, what efforts I spent to acquire that happiness, etc.
>> So with misery. When I have erroneously comprehended a rope as a snake,
>> the
>> sakshi just illumines the bhrama, but it cannot, does not, illumine *that
>> it is* a bhrama.  When the bhrma nivrtti takes place and right knowledge
>> of
>> the form 'this is a rope and not a snake' arises, that knowledge as well
>> is
>> illumined by the sakshi.

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