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Sreenivaasa Murthy - PraNAms
Coming from Science Background that is what I have been doing for the past few years,  and thanks to Advaita Academy, all my talks are available on yu-tube under Acharya Sadaji. The audio talks are available at wwws.Chinmayadc.org under Acharya Sadananda. Shree Aravinda Rao Karanam, who is also a moderator of Advaitin list has several talks on Geeta and Upanishads, where he follows closely Shankara Bhasyas. 
Hari Om!Sadananda

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Dear members,
    I have a request to make to all of you. 
   Is it possible to teach/present the unique teachings of Advaitavedanta or Non-duality as presented in upanishads and in tune with the commentaries of Sri Shankara in a contemporaryform that can be easily understood and experienced by people leading normallives in the modern world? 
This will be a great service to earnest seekers of Ultimate Truth.Thanking you all,

With warm and respectful namaskars,Sreenivasa Murthy

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