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Namaste Sreenivasa Murthy,

In my latest book "Musings on Hinduism" on which Aravinda Rao Karanam ji
had kindly written a foreward, I had tried to do exactly that. It has two
sections, one on general Hindu philosophy and one on Vedanta, both from
standpoint of Advaita.

You can purchase the book from here-


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> Dear members,
>     I have a request to make to all of you.
>    Is it possible to teach/present the unique teachings of Advaitavedanta
> or Non-duality as presented in upanishads and in tune with the commentaries
> of Sri Shankara in a contemporaryform that can be easily understood and
> experienced by people leading normallives in the modern world?
> This will be a great service to earnest seekers of Ultimate Truth.Thanking
> you all,
> With warm and respectful namaskars,Sreenivasa Murthy
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Nithin S

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