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> ​​I particularly do not agree that अत्यन्तासत् object can part of a
> comparison, but let me use उष्ट्रलगुडन्याय। ​Lets hypothetically agree that
> what you said earlier. Now you say that your brahman is different from
> vandhyAputra, right?

Yes, I agree Brahman is indeed *different* from vandyAputra.

> So I think its fair to say that brahman will be
> different from an apparent world as well, which AV presents the case to be.

Brahman being different from world irrespective of world is real or mithya,
is agreeable for both of us. There is no fight there.
The disagreement is about the very nature of this world itself, not its
difference from Brahman.

> So just because you know the difference, which you have asserted to be
> known even when the world is absolutely unreal, it has no basis to land
> that the world exists.

Dvaitins do not postulate world's existence based on the perceived
difference. It its other way in fact. The difference is known/registered
between this world and Brahman. While former is known from pratyksha and
the later by shruti.

For atheists, if you ask the same question -- they also agree difference
between this world and brahman. The only difference is while world is real
for them, Brahman is a fictitious concept as they do not accept vEda. This
is the bEdha between sat vastu and asat vatu type. For dvaitins, it is
bEdha between two sat padArthas.

> > Regarding the purpose, there are many.... the very lOka vyavahAra with
> > sat/asat or bhAvAbhava padArtha-s will cease to exist if one does not
> > recognizes the difference.
> >
> ​Very good. Then if you can have vyavahAra with asat and abhAvapadArtha,
> its definitely possible to have such vyavahAra with apparent padArtha, in
> which case you shouldn't have any issue with AV calling the world as
> mithyA.
The only difference we do not summon vandyAputra to be witness for a murder
case in the court unlike AV summons mithyA vEda to be evidence for Brahma

When I said no vyavahAra if we fail to recognize bEdha between sat and asat
vastus -- what I meant was that either sat vastus are tread same way as
asat vastus, or asat vastus are treated same sat ones.

An example might help -- say someone apply for PAN card for a vAndyaputra
and also for a real person. As a issuing authority if you fail to recognize
the difference between two applicant -- either you issue two PAN cards or
do not issue anything at all :)


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