[Advaita-l] Quantum Physics came from Vedas: Schrödinger and Einstein read Veda's

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> Namaste,
> I think the point here is not that Quantum Physics came from Vedas.
> A more palatable view is:
> - There is mystery element in quantum physics. And this has got to
> do with a conscious observer's involvement in bringing about collapse
> of a wave function or localizing of a wave function.
> - Now this interaction of conscious observer with the observed universe
> that is implied by Quantum mechanics (but unfortunately not clearly stated)
> set the best physicists wonder about what have other people who have
> explored the nature of Consciousness concluded.
> - In the Hindu and Buddhist philosophy they noted an in depth exploration
> of the nature of consciousness and its influence on the creation.
> - This made them draw parallels between Quantum theory and Vedas.

Dear Shrinivas,

There can't be a better statement than the above capturing the heart,
essence, of the thread. Thanks for articulating it so well.

warm regards

> Regards,
> Shrinivas Gadkari

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