[Advaita-l] Quantum Physics came from Vedas: Schrödinger and Einstein read Veda's

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Namaskaram Sriram garu,

A good morning to the Vidvat Sadas here.

This is my first post in the group.

I cannot restrain my excitement about the point you just made on the topic.

I concur with your views.

Also, many thanks for mentioning the name of the Vidwan Gopalakrishna
Sastry garu, a stalwart in this age. I am in touch with a gem produced by
him, who himself comes from nationally acclaimed Agama Sastra kovidas and
Matra Sastra pravinas.


Best Regards,

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> Namaste Murthyji,
> //////////
> Adi Sankara and many Advaitis in the Sampradaya have known Jagat is
> Mithyaa many many
> centuries back.
> //////////
> From philosophical perspective, yes, bhArata has reached it's pinnacle but
> let us also give credit
> to western scientists who have toiled day and night to invent.
> Without Thomas Edison, there wouldn't have been electric bulbs; without
> Wright Brothers, there
> wouldn't have been aeroplanes; without Graham Bell, there wouldn't have
> been telephone;
> and without Alexander Fleming, there wouldn't have been Penicillin and so
> on...who have
> improved our life standards.
> Having acknowledged the westerners' contribution to the society whose
> journey is external;
> the Indian philosophers' journey is internal and the path of the both are
> mutually exclusive.
> However, it is not that Vedas are only concerned with mantras,
> karma-kanda, pashu-yagas and
> attainment of other world and thereafter.
> It needs a special mention that a technique of excavation of earth for
> tracing of
> gems and certain metallurgical rocks have been mentioned in mantra-bhAga.
> The gems and mettalurgical
> rocks were identified with the help of "garuDa".  These aspects should
> have been studied deeply by our
> our traditional scholars rather than engaging discussions whether Jagat is
> mithya or satya.  The over-emphasis
> of jagat mithyAvAda and teaching of vedanta to every tom, dick and harry
> has resulted in pseudo-vairAgya
> who pose a jnanis.  Unfortunately, today's bhArata has produced more
> castor oil faced saffron-donned sanyasis
> rather than adept purva-mimamsa grihasthAs with mastery on prayoga vidhi.
> Every tom, dick and harry is a
> sanyAsi here and blabbers vedAnta !
> A veda sabha was organized couple of years back which was presided by
> Mahamahopadhyaya
> Vishwanatha Gopalakrishna Sastry Garu who mentioned this.
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