[Advaita-l] Sri Haridasa Bhat's Brilliant Presentation of Sat Khyaati Vaada

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Asat = kvacidapi upAdhau apratIyamAna + traikAlika nishedha pratiyogi

mithya = yatra traikAlika nishedha pratiyogi + tatra pratIyamAna

Sat = traikAlika abAdhita + apratIyamAna

Hence mithyA =  sadasat vilakshaNa.


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praNAms Sri Subbu prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Sat-asat-vilakṣanam means: The superimposed vastu is neither sat
(trikālabādhya like Brahman) nor asat (like hare's horn). What is stated as
'traikālika atyanta asat in the locus' also means this alone.

Ø  Hmm…it needs really some ‘understanding’ to understand the eka vAkyata
between two different sentence  :


Ø  (a) a thing can be at the same time in the same locus  sat-asat
vilakshaNam and

Ø  (b) a thing also in the same locus at the same time i traikAlika atyanta
asat as well..

Ø  In (a) the same locus (shukti) one is saying rajata is sat-asat
vilakshaNaM (anirvachaneeyaM)  whereas in the (b)  same locus (shukti)
rajata is traikAlika atyanta asat..and finally,  declaring both are
conveying the same meaning !!  Perhaps an advaitin would agree with these
type of explanations since it is from the desk of an advaitin but not
certainly a dvaitin.  How can it be logical that that one which is already
determined as traikAlika atyanta asat will be  presented as sat-asat
vilakshaNam and anirvachaneeyaM as well on the same locus..Do you think Sri
HaridAsa Bhatta’s brilliant presentation of refutation on sat khyAti vAda
accommodates these type of dubious explanations??  I really doubt very much.

Ø   Anyway, I am stopping here finally…Kindly don’t expect continuation of
this thread from my side as myself not clear about this explanation due to
my limitations.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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