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praNAms Sri Sriram prabhuji
Hare Krishna

If the same medicine is applied to all, it would lead to wrong treatment.  

>  Yes, you are right prabhuji and the medicine like no Ishwara, no jeeva and no jagat is good only when sadeva soumya idamagra Aseet, ekamevAdviteeyaM...Not certainly good for even the jnAni who is still under avidyA lesha, who is still suffering from prArabdha karma phala,  who's vAng mana kAya functioning 'normally' even after samyak jnana, who is like apAntaratama-s, waiting for the IshwarAnujnA to come back to earth.  So, 'Ishwara is avidyA kalpita, good only in vyavahAra' medicine is in reality does not effective because he is the karma phala dAta to the jnAni who is still under the influence of prArabda karma phala.  

>  The one funniest thing which I have observed in all these discussions is, we accept jnAni's individuality (ofcourse not from the ajnAni's point of view), we accept his BMI, we accept his own avidyA lesha in the form of prArabdha karma phala, we accept the continuous existence of the jnAni in his individual BMI compartment wherein he experiences even kAma And krOdha but ready to throw away the Ishwara from this scenario saying he is existing only in jeeva's avidyA kalpita vyavahAra...we are effacing the karmaphala dAta while admitting the karma phala :-)  

The person is confused about about the Ishwara tattva and if we say further that it is also mAya-kalpita, there is every danger that he may land in confusion which may lead him to agnosticism / atheism.

>  I think because of this reason only even after jnana, no jnAni would claim that Ishwara is good only for avidyAvanta jeeva-s and for me (jAni) there is no Ishwara at all!!  Inspite of having the secondless jnana, all jnAni-s continue to worship Ishwara as paramAtma and advised others in such a way that even to get Advaita vAsana in one's saMskAra, IshwarAnugraha is required.  And definitely I believe that those jnAni-s who were/are doing ArAdhana, upAsana of Ishwara with the bhAva that Ishwara is as real as their paramArtha jnana NOT definitely with the mentality that this Ishwara is just an avidyAkalpita entity, good only for maNda and madhyamAdhikAri-s and for the sake of those people only I am just doing the Pooja to the entity which really does not exist..etc.  

The first step is to instil Bhakti towards the Ishwara in the sAdhaka otherwise self-study of vedanta would lead to utter chaos.

>  And IMHO, it has to be last step as well....parAbhakti should / would not oppose jnana.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

PS :  BTW, I got those Ghana books (9 books ) in Telugu from Sri Ati Satyanarayana Murthy, Tuni.  

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