[Advaita-l] A delectable scholarly talk on Srirudram

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Indeed, the many parallels with the viSvarUpa chapter of the gItA are very
noteworthy. I've always remarked that the viSvarUpa vision that Arjuna got
in that instance was a terrifying ugra form and seen as eating up all the

Another detail to share with the list is that the abhinava Sankara
described in this talk as the commentator on the rudrIya was a sannyAsin
named rAmabrahmAnanda tIrtha. He was most probably a junior contemporary of
the celebrated madhusUdana sarasvatI or lived even later than him.

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> Amazing oratory skills! The speaker VidvAn Shri Kibballi Ganapati Bhat is
> able to draw information from and quote from a wide array of texts.
> Especially, the quotes from BhartRhari are illuminating. What is also
> noteworthy is the parallel he draws between Bhagavad gItA chapter 11
> (perhaps chapter 10 as well) and the Namaka portion. He even mentions this
> could be an area of "research."
> Anand
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