[Advaita-l] nAsadIya sUkta in the taittirIya brAhmaNa - part 3

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Thank you for these posts on the sAyaNabhAshya on the TB version of the
nAsadIya sUktam. I would like to make a couple of clarifications.

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> अथ तृतीयामाह - now in the third rca it is said -
> तम आसीत्तमसा गूढमग्रे प्रकेतम् | सलिलं सर्वमा इदम् |
> तुच्छेनाम्वपिहितिम् यदासीत् | तमसस्तन्महिना जायतैकम् इति ||
1. The "iti" at the end of each verse is supplied by sAyaNa to complete the
quotation before he starts his own bhAshya on it.
2. There are certain variations in the reading preserved in the RkSAkhA and
the taittirIyaSAkhA.

e.g. in the second verse of this sUkta in the Rgveda, there is another
"AsIt" between mRtyu and amRta (na mRtyur AsId amRtanna) and instead of
rAtriyA, the word is rAtryA (without the intermediate i-kAra)

in the third verse, the Rgveda sUkta has tapasaH instead of tamasaH in the
last quarter.

Finally, in the Rgveda recitation, instead of breaking each verse into four
quarters, each separated from the previous by a pause, giving a total of
three pauses, the verse is split into two halves, with only one pause at
the end between the first half and second half of the verse.

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