[Advaita-l] A fine summary of Advaita doctrine

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I received this in a WhatsApp group. It is from the Annapūrnopanishat. I
shall provide a translation below.


2017-03-12 9:05 GMT+05:30 V Subrahmanian <v.subrahmanian at gmail.com>:

> बिम्बप्रतिबिम्बदर्शनेन भेदभ्रमो निवृत्तः ।
By the perception of the bimba-pratibimba, the delusion of difference
(between the two) is gone.

> स्फटिकलोहितदर्शनेन पारमार्थिककर्तृत्वभ्रमो निवृत्तः ।
By perceiving the red-in-crystal phenomenon, the delusion that I am really
the doer is no more.

> घटमठाकाशदर्शनेन सङ्गीतिभ्रमो निवृत्तः ।
By the analogy of pot-mansion-space the delusion of attribution
(attachment) is gone.

> रज्जुसर्पदर्शनेन कारणाद्भिन्नजगतः सत्यत्वभ्रमो निवृत्तः ।
By the rope-snake analogy the error of holding the world to be real as one
different from its cause is annihilated.

> कनकरुचकदर्शनेन विकारित्वभ्रमो निवृत्तः ।
By the gold-necklace analogy the delusion pertaining to transformation is
[Here the Upanishad holds the gold-ornament vikāra to be a bhrama, that is,
it holds such a transformation to be a case of vivarta.]

> तदाप्रभृति मच्चित्तं ब्रह्माकारमभूत्स्वयम् ।
From then on, i.e. from the time such corrections as above happened, my
mind took on the 'form' of Brahman by itself.

> निदाघ त्वमपीत्थं हि तत्त्वज्ञानमवाप्नुहि ॥
O Nidāgha ! you too obtain the knowledge of the Truth on the above lines.

Om Tat Sat

>            –जय श्रीमन्नारायण।
> Someone please translate.
> subbu

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