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praNAms Sri Sriram prabhuji
Hare krishna

There is a logical fallacy in the concept of cause & effect.  It is this fallacy of कार्य-कारण संबन्धः that has been mentioned in the 8th shloka of Dakshinamurti Stotra.

>  I am afraid mere shushka tarka would lead us to anywhere.  We have to base our tarka on shruti, yukti and anubhava in vedAnta jignAsa.  The discussion on kArya kAraNa saMbandha or the relationship between brahman and jagat needs to be done on shruti and Acharya upadesha.  The socalled logical fallacy will not be there when one understand the subtle and significant relationship in the form of ananyatvaM between kAraNa and kArya.  For that matter Advaita does not say kAraNa sitting at some place and constantly and continuously  producing some effects like father becoming the father of his sons.  Here sons are different from their father and father is also different from his off springs.  This is not the type of kArya kAraNa saMbandha that Advaita talks.  When shruti says all things of the world subjective and objective are born from brahman alone as in mundaka which says from this (brahman/aksharaM) alone emerges (born) the vital force, the mind and all the senses, the akAsha, vAyu, agni, water and the earth supporting all, so kAmayata, let me become many let me born etc.  it has the intention of drive home the point that there is non-difference of the effect (kArya) from the kAraNa.  The araMbhaNAdikaraNaM and bhAshya explain this beautifully.  

>  Therefore in the same way that the ether spaces limited by a large pot or a little one or by any other vessel, are 'non-different' from the cosmic ether.  The effect is the universe comprising the panorama of ether etc. and the cause is the highest brahman.  And we can conclude that the EFFECT IS NON DIFFERENT FROM THE CAUSE.  When one lump of clay is ascertained to be really clay all that is MADE OF CLAY SUCH AS A POT, A LID OR A PAIL also becomes known SINCE THEY ARE LIKEWISE ESSENTIALLY CLAY.  The ajAtavAda of kArika needs to be understood in this light only, that which is avyAkruta in brahman will be seen (vyAkruta) and there is nothing like creation.  kArika 3-48 etc. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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