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>  Likewise whether there is any different prakriya (methodology) within the
>> school of rAmAnuja's SrivaishNava sampradAya and its vishishtAdvaita
>> siddhAnta.
> I'm not sure if this is exactly what you had in mind but the Ramananda and
> Swaminarayana sampradayas of North India and Gujarat respectively accept
> Ramanuja's Shribhashya as their philosophical basis but differ markedly in
> customs from the Shrivaishnavas you find in the South.

In concurrence with the above, I have heard that such followers of Ramanuja
in the North also hold the Adhyātma Ramayana in very high regard. This is a
text that is shunned by the vaishnavas, both Dvaitins and
Vishishtadvaitins, in the South. To such a follower I once pointed out that
the jahadajahallakshana (that is explicitly expounded in the Adhyatma
ramayana) has been criticized by Ramanuja. Also, those Ramanujites hold the
Ramacharita manas  of Tulasidas as completely admissible to their
philosophy, despite the rope-snake type of analogies, Shiva greatness,
Hanuman as an incarnation of Shiva, etc. so very explicitly espoused in
this text. That the Ramanujites of the South do not accept them into their
fold is another matter, just like the Madhvas of the south do not approve
of the Gaudiyas despite the latter holding Madhva to be their important


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