[Advaita-l] prakriya bheda within tri matastha-s

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I'm not sure if this is exactly what you had in mind but the Ramananda and Swaminarayana sampradayas of North India and Gujarat respectively accept Ramanuja's Shribhashya as their philosophical basis but differ markedly in customs from the Shrivaishnavas you find in the South.

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Thanks for the clarification.  My doubt basically towards knowing the doctrinal differences existing within the same orthodox saMpradAya.  Like in Advaita saMpradAya for the shankara bhAshya we have two different interpretation in the form of bhAmati and panchapAdika vivaraNa and there is a reconciliatory work on these differences from other vyAkhyAnakAra (Sri appayya deekshita), do we have different vyAkhyAna-s with different prakriya-s  on Sri Ramanuja's sribhAshyaM or Ananda teertha-s bhAshya on vedAnta sUtra with different methods of presenting the same siddhAnta.  However, I understood that from dvaita perspective it does not exist since SrimadAcharya's works are 'air tight' and no room for taking deviation...atleast  that is what one of the dvaita scholars has confirmed.  This is what he said in his direct mail to me :

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I take this opportunity to say there is no prakriya bhEda is Dvaita. The main reason, in my humble opinion is that mUlAcharaya Sri.Ananda Tirtha has not left any loose ends in his siddhAnta. He was very through in his exposition and would not say anything vague without defining the terms involved. His exposition is very through and no room for alternate interpretations by his own school men.

You will not find any such re-interpretations of Madhva's own words. All efforts of subsequent Acharyas, such as Sri.Jayatirtha, Sri.Vyasatirtha etc. are to elaborate more on highly brave sentences of Madhva. You will not see a totally a different take on their part. I would say this fact is dues to the very nature of 'air tight' of Madhva's doctrine. One cannot achieve this air tight quality if the doctrine is not in compliance with the truth.

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And there is some philosophical differences in tengalai & vadagalai traditions which is there in this subject thread.  This is just for your kind notice prabhuji.

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PS :  If dvaita scholar who wrote to me directly,  permits me,  I shall mention his name.  

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