[Advaita-l] Who has Ajnana/Maya?

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Thu Mar 16 08:28:58 EDT 2017

My understanding is that Maya itself doesn't exist, it's only a
provisional/temporary tool to explain the world appearance.



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> Dear all,
> Perhaps this question has been discussed in this group, but I would like to
> know Shankara's answers to the following questions which I heard from a few
> Dvaiti and visishtadvaiti orators.
>    1. Who has Ajnana? If Jeeva has ajnana, that is inconsistent since the
>    existence of Jeeva's identity is Ajnana and we cannot call Jeeva "has"
>    ajnana any longer. But if paramatma has ajnana, that is a blemish on
>    paramatma.
>    2. If Maya is an attribute of Ishwara, then doesn't Mayatva contradict
>    the nirgunatva aspect that Advaitins claim?
> In the following talk (Tamil) Sringeri Mahasannidhanam addresses this a
> little, but I wish if somebody can shed more light on this topic.
> Identity of Brahman & Jiva by Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Sringeri
> <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_YoQrcj7xM>
> Also please quote from Prasthanathraya Bhashyams or other granthas if
> possible.
> Thanks,
> Sriram
> Hamsah Soham
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