[Advaita-l] Who has Ajnana/Maya?

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Fri Mar 17 14:45:58 EDT 2017

Dear Sri Praveenji

// The reality of
 the "really affected" ​is at the same level of
 reality as
 the world which is vyAvahArika.
 On the pAramarthikA level, the jIva which
 brahmAtman, is not really affected.//

If the Atman getting affected by misery is a vyavahArika satya, then there is no guarantee that moksha is final. 

// On the same
 thread, some references were given, one of them being Gita
 wherein Bhashyakara deals with this as
 pUrvapakSha in detail and refutes it.//

I find nothing in the bhAshya on 13.2 that logically addresses the question. 

// ​​What Des Cartes says is irrelevant to
 Vedanta; "I think therefore I am"
 is putting the cart before the horse, according
 to any Vedanta flavour you
 pick. You have to
 exist before you can think.​ //

The statement of Des Cartes is not causal. It is inferential. Yes, I have to exist first to think, perceive etc. What Des Cartes is saying is that the latter implies the former. It is because I think and perceive, that I can be sure of my existence.
 ​//Then do
 you learn that you were unconscious from someone else after

Since I have memory on waking up, I do not need others to tell me that I was unconscious in dreamless sleep. 

If you have seen persons having an epileptic seizure, you will probably know that after the episode, some patients don't even know what happened to them. They are in a completely confused state due to short term memory loss. This cannot be the case if their consciousness was intact during the episode.

// Its shUnyavAda to say
 there is no
 consciousness in deep sleep,//

I am curious to know which shUnyavada text says the above.


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