[Advaita-l] Why brahma jnAna is capable of sarva nivritti

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> > This example is nested brama (brama within brama). One is outer and
> another
> > is inner. The inner one itself a viShya of the outer. The entire set of
> > inner bhrama -- drashTA(dream person undergoing shell-siver brama), the
> > bhrama viShaya (siver-shell), the brAnti (thinking shell as silver) and
> the
> > nivritti-jnAna (correcting knowledge 'this is shell only'); is itself
> > bhrama viShaya of the outer bhrama (of the dreamer). Even though entire
> > package of inner bhrama is bhAdita (sarva nivritti), nevertheless it does
> > not amount to sarva nivritti for the outer bhrama. At the end we still
> have
> > drashTa (the dreamer), his pramA, viShya of his bhrama, adhisTana
> (dreamer
> > himself) etc. still remains. Where is sarva nivritti here?
> >
> The example was given only to show sambhāvanā of such a wholesale nivṛtti.
> The siddhantin is not claiming that by that example the dreamer, etc. are
> also negated. If this is understood the rest of the questions you ask will
> not arise.
> >
So also I am not claiming siddhikAra is claiming dreamer etc. also negated.
All I am saying is that this example does not prove the point he is arguing
against nyayAmrita-kaara. The bAdhaka jnAna belongs to one bhrama while
sarva-nivriti happens to entirely another bhrama. While former belongs to
dreamer's bhrama, the later one (sarva-nivriti) belongs to dream person's
bhrama of siver-on-shell. This misalignment disproves the claimed argument
that there are sambhAvana of sarva-nivriti can be possible.

In essence, sarva-nivriti can only happens to those bhrama cases where they
themselves are another bhrama. AV's claimed jagat-bhrama is not this type,
and hence it is wrong example and does not answer nyayAmrita-kaara.


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